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True Story

"Lyn, I have a great idea for you!"

I could sense the energy from Tim, my community relations director, on the other line of the phone.

I was responsible for marketing and public relations at our company, so Tim and I often talked about our latest projects.

Today he seemed more excited than usual. 

"I want to bring you in the loop on a great event we just started working. You might be able to use it for some publicity," Tim said.

"Great! What is it?" I asked.

I always loved it when someone brought me a cool story to use.

"We are sponsoring this great nonprofit event downtown next month. Our employees will all be donating their time to help the cause, and our logos will be hanging everywhere. Do you think you can do anything with that?"


Sounded like a great opportunity but...

I must admit it sounded interesting. With the right packaging, we could make a splash.

And therein lied the opportunity and challenge. With the right packaging… That meant creating all kinds of content to support the campaign.

That would take time... time I didn't have. It was a great opportunity, but I didn't have the bandwidth. 

How could I help? I started to brainstorm.


Content creation for busy professionals

Available time vs. great opportunities. That's always a tough balance when you don't want to say no.

I remember that problem all too well, so I developed a solution. 

I create content for busy entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to use in their campaigns. The next time you need someone to help with copywriting, visual storytelling, or your next PR campaign, I can be the extension to your team that helps you get to success faster.

It's the service I would have wanted, and I know every other busy communicator can use.

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