Best of 2006



Welcome to the Best of 2006

In many ways, 2006 was a phenomenal year for me and the boys. We did a lot of traveling that year. When the kids were young, I tried to take the kids on some kind of adventure regularly. We went on everything from ski resorts to Deep Creek Lake. We went to see my family in Houston for Rachel’s blessing, Mom & Dad’s new house, and of course, our cruise to St. Thomas & St. Kitts. All this traveling coincided with my purchasing my first real DSLR, so I documented everything.

Here are some of my favorite photos from that year. I originally pulled these images in 2007 because I planned to produce a hard-copy yearbook. I had big ambitions of then doing one every year. Life got in the way quickly, and I was distracted from that goal.

We can still enjoy 2006, however…

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