'Thunder only happens when it's raining


Rolling Thunder 2017 was here, and my son and I were ready with our shot list of all the usual suspects — rows of Harley Davidsons, a roaring parade of bikers, and of course the saluting Marine.

What we didn't expect was one drop of moisture. Then two. Then a drizzle. Rain?! Where do we go now?

The back of the Lincoln Memorial was the perfect vantage point for a rainy day at Rolling Thunder. We had cover from the monument and a perfect position to see the bikers riding over the Memorial Bridge.

While we were shooting the lyrics to the Fleetwood Mac classic kept playing in my head.

'Thunder only happens when it's raining...'

And rain always create great atmosphere for photos. 

These two had the right idea.


Earlier that day...

A cute kid joined the saluting Marine.

Lynford MortonComment