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VMR 001 - Creating a visual marketing audit

Nancy was annoyed.

As the editor of a prestigious nonprofit magazine, she regularly received submissions from aspiring authors. They arrive in all stages of completion, and Nancy usually fixed them with a word of encouragement and a smile. But not today.

"Do you have any problems with the visuals you receive from authors," I asked.

"Oh my goodness, yes. I wish someone would teach these writers what kind of images I need," she said. "Actually, most times I get no visuals at all. When I do get them, they are usually tiny photos that they pulled out of a Powerpoint slide. I can't use that!"

I understood her frustration. Back when I was an editor, I experiences many of the same challenges. Articles submitted by intelligent professionals with thoughtful things to say often never saw the light of day. Why? Because they lacked visuals.

Not much has changed. Many marketers don't get the result they seek because they lack the visual illustrations that attract readers. What about you? Is success eluding your marketing efforts because your visuals aren't cutting through the clutter and reaching your target audience?

This first episode of #VisualMarketing radio steps you through 11 areas you can use visuals to improve the impact of your marketing.


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