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002 - Creating a trend story


I was driving down the street when I saw the words "Est. 1913" on the side of a building.

"They've been in business 100 years. That's so cool," I thought. "I wonder how they are celebrating?"


A quick Google search of the business turned up -- nothing. No celebration. No story about their history. No profile on the founder. Nothing.

What a lost opportunity. This is where a trend story can be a great tool.

Trend stories are easy to create and provide an easy way for your clients to connect with you and follow you over time. Here's the good news. You don't have to wait 100 years.

Listen as I discuss more on trend stories and how you can create them for your business or organization.


My business bio features a photo of my Dad's first self portrait when he was 15.

The encouragement segment was inspired by a portion of Marianne Williamson's famous poem, "Our Deepest Fear."


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