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004 - How to create a Social Media News Release

My notes

The normal news release

  • The news is presented in narrative form. Write the news release as the reporter would write the story.
  • Editor can lift the story and run it ‘as is’.
  • Use the inverted pyramid, so the editor can cut the story anywhere and still get the essential news.
  • You can include other assets -- photos & videos -- as extras.

Enter the Social Media News Release

  • In 2006, Shift Communications introduced the Social Media News Release template
  • PR professionals loved the concept, but you didn’t see it in practice much.
  • We could see the value, but you had to build it.
  • Today it is much easier to create.
  • Now it is more about organizing existing assets than building the SMNR from scratch

Now is a good time for organizations with news to use SMNR

  • If you don’t have "Washington Post" news value - traditional news releases can go straight to consumer.
  • You don’t need the media to get out your story (Google alerts).
  • David Meerman Scott articulated this well in The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

If you are trying to attract journalists, the SMNR can be helpful

  • Reporters don’t want to re-run your stories.
  • The format makes it easy for reporters to personalize and report the news.
  • Your SMNR presents all the elements for reporters to create a multimedia story.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to share.

Call to Action

  • Make a list of all the multimedia elements you can create for your next news release.
  • Establish your Social Media News Release platform.


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