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Subject:  The moment street photographers fear the most


He looked like he was tired and weary.

I watched from the other side of the street as the limo driver let out his passenger. The driver leaned on his vehicle, lit a cigarette, and exhaled a heavy sigh of smoke.

"That looks interesting. I need to get closer," I thought as I crossed the street and weaved through traffic.

I slowed as I got close enough to fire away with my 105 mm. Should I get his attention, or shoot from here? He doesn't look like he wants to be bothered.

"I'll just take a quick photo from here without interrupting."

But I was too late.

As I started to raise the camera, he looked up and locked eyes with me. It wasn't friendly.

This was the moment most street photographers fear. I'm busted...and he doesn't look happy.


The decisions that create great street photos

In the short mental conversation that led me to this point, there were several decision points:

• Is that a good photo opportunity?
• What would make it a good photo?
• How should I go about taking it?
• Should I let him see me or not?
• Now that he has seen me, what should I do?
• At any one of these points, or many others, you might freeze up and abort. Or you engage.


How do you answer those questions, follow through, and create interesting street photography?

I am taking you to the streets of NYC to help you answer those questions for yourself and create your own street photography art.

In this workshop, we will not only discuss the principles that help increase your likelihood of street photography success, but you will also have lots of time to practice in several different settings across the city.

You will have plenty of feedback opportunities while you are out shooting. We will also have a working lunch where you can ask more questions.

This will be a full day workshop, priced as a half day event.

Learn more and register here.