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Visual Marketing Today - What does a puppy and the NFL have in common?

What do a hot dog, the Radisson Hotel, a puppy and the NFL have in common? The answer has to do with visual weight, and that's what we discuss in our first episode of Visual Marketing Today.

Visual Marketing Today is the video blog where we look at the day's top news through the prism of visual marketing. 


The news

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What's visual weight?

Photographers know that different things in the frame carry different weight. If you make eye contact with the camera, it carries more weight than if you look away. 

Words also carry visual weight. We always read words first and then subconsciously, we try to connect it to the person or action in the image. 

Here's a great example from DC and NY street photographer Greg Schmigel. The genius of his photo is that visual weight leads us to read the sign first and then connect it to the puppy looking on. 

Visual weight is also the reason the Radisson had to pull its sponsorship from the Minnesota Vikings last week.

Watch this episode. I explain how it all works.