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Lynford Morton featured in PR News' Digital PR Guidebook


PR News' Digital PR Guidebook Vol. 5 features a chapter I wrote called "Instagram Gets the Picture for PR Opportunities."

The latest edition is packed with how-to articles, first-hand insights and proven digital tactics designed to take communications initiatives to the next level.

Click to read the full TOC. 

Click to read the full TOC. 

"Whether it’s the profound changes in the way that corporations create and distribute content, tilting the balance in political elections or altering the very nature of media relations, digital media and digital communications have become pervasive in the PR world. And it’s only going to become more pronounced in 2013 and beyond," Matthew Schwartz PR News group editor writes in the Foreword.

"The content, which is contributed by the PR News staff and many of our readers, focuses on most every facet of digital PR, including mega social channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, along with the (rapidly growing) Instagram and Pinterest platforms. We also focus on how digital communications is having a massive impact on content creation, which, back in the Paleolithic Age, say, ten years ago, was simply called “editorial.”

My article contributes to Chapter 4: Emerging Social Media: Pinterest, Instagram and Beyond:

Using Instagram has more potential than just randomly splashing images into your PR program. It gives you the ability to perform different stages of the public relations process — research, defining an audience, engaging a community and getting feedback. Use Instagram strategically to help you create and execute a thoughtful PR approach.
— Lynford Morton, iBrandPhoto - Digital PR Guidebook Vol. 5

The article also includes 13 Instagram strategies that can fuel your PR programs. Order a copy of the Digital PR Guidebook here, and save $50 using discount code "contrib".