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DC Shorts expands to Historic Anacostia

When DC Shorts opened in the Anacostia Arts Center this year, it marked the first time a major film festival took place in the Historic Anacostia community of Washington, D.C.

The festival showcased multiple screenings of The Best of DC Shorts, in addition to Showcases 12 and 13, at the Anacostia Arts Center Sept. 27 and 28, 2013.

In its 10th year, DC Shorts is one of the best-known short film festivals in the country and one of the largest on the east coast. The festival now lasts 11 days and shows over 153 films from 23 countries.

Now DC Shorts will be known east of the river, as part of an effort to create a vibrant and lasting arts district.

The film festival found a home in one of the newest additions to the Anacostia landscape, the Anacostia Arts Center. The center is a nonprofit that creates a home for small businesses, artists, arts and cultural organizations. It was conceived as part of the revitalization and sustainable economic development of Historic Anacostia. 

With the addition of this year's film festival, the center is moving one step closer to realizing their dream of making Anacostia a true arts destination.

Lynford MortonComment