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Marketing & Public Relations with Lynford Morton

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Marketing & PR can be the lifeblood of any business. You will want to make sure your marketing is strategic, so let’s write a plan to attract your ideal customers with the messages that motivate them.

We will pair it with a sales process that moves your prospects systematically from stranger to customer. Your plan should be well researched, based on facts, measurable and practical to implement.

Once you have your roadmap, you can work it on your own, or I can stay as a partner and help you ensure that you stay on track.


Career Highlights

My expertise is built on a public relations career that spans almost 20 years and excels in delivering results both strategically and tactically.

At Canon USA, I managed the Canon Live Learning program, which consisted of developing and executing a marketing plan to grow the program and promote the workshops. Because of our efforts, the program grew 69% during my two years, reversing a trend of decreasing sales before I arrived.

At Raytheon Company I held a senior-level position where he led international communications and media relations for Raytheon’s $5 billion business, Network Centric Systems. In that role, I helped the business penetrate new global markets and communicate new capabilities to existing and new customers. I also led two major integrated communications campaigns that each earned the best public relations program honors in the 73,000-person company.

Throughout my career, I have excelled at every major discipline in the public relations field. I led Community Relations for the United States Coast Guard, where I deployed the Coast Guard Band, Honor Guard, and used a NASCAR sponsorship to help raise exposure and galvanize public support for Coast Guard missions. I employed organizational communications to help unite employees during an organizational spin-off and instill pride in the new organization.

I used media relations to lead campaigns that garnered 60 percent of positive coverage in a field of five competitors. My writing has appeared in regularly scheduled advertorials in USA Today and lives on the shelves of many governments, nonprofit and commercial organizations.

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