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Raytheon’s Integrated Security System for Airports

Raytheon has developed a comprehensive security solution to ensure the safety and security of both airport employees and the traveling public. The Integrated Security System for Airports (ISSA) is an all-inclusive system that fuses information from an array of different sources — cameras, radars and sensors — and presents them to users in a way that helps them identify the greatest risks to the airport and decisively act on them.

An Unpredictable World
No one needs a reminder about how a single event can shape the way we see the world. Today’s threats test the limits of our imaginations. A security threat could come from land, air or sea. It could originate from a single source or simultaneously from multiple points. It could be a crude attempt or a sophisticated plot. It could test the perimeter or a secure area within the facility.

Airport operators know that no matter what the threat, the responsibility of protecting their passengers and employees begins at the perimeter — the moment a person enters the property. From the outer gate to the aircraft gate, ISSA protects sensitive areas, so that no one intrudes upon them undetected.

A Predictable Response
Airport operators need not imagine a specific type of threat to be prepared for it. Raytheon’s layered approach provides 24/7 coverage through all types of weather and throughout all security zones. Ground surveillance radars, video motion detection cameras with integrated track correlation, maritime surveillance systems (if required), and smart fencing — with overlapping coverage in critical areas — provide a high probability of detection and low false alarm rate, and support high system availability. ISSA is the most comprehensive and reliable solution in the marketplace today.

Our rigorous and proven process analyzes all components within a system and ensures our ISSA design is reliable, easily maintained, and can survive multiple component failures. Our system is designed to exceed a system availability standard of 99.9 percent.

Customizing the Solution
Raytheon’s proven Sensor Terrain Analysis Tool (STAT) allows customers to see the solution before investing in it. This modeling and simulation capability can recreate customers’ complex surveillance systems and operating environments in a matter of days where it normally took months, reducing the time between defining the concept and designing the system.

STAT uses high-fidelity performance models to accurately predict sensor performance at any given site while taking into consideration topography, weather and blockage from buildings. Existing security infrastructure, such as sensor locations, are integrated into the simulation model. This capability gives customers the ability to experiment with different cost/performance scenarios and arrive at the perfect balance of safety and affordability.

A Proven Partner
The Raytheon ISSA solution builds on 80 years of communications and electronics systems experience. We have installed security systems at more than 300 airports worldwide, providing us with a unique understanding of critical system interfaces used in an airport security environment.
We leverage our extensive experience in developing, integrating and commissioning complex real-time systems worldwide for both military and civilian customers. And we do it on time and on budget.

As the Transportation Security Administration’s contractor of choice for proven security technologies, Raytheon has unique insight into the intricacies of a robust airport security system. We have solved security challenges in the world’s most demanding airport environments.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System 
Raytheon has created an Integrated Security System for Airports that makes it easier for security professionals to ensure the safety of passengers from their arrival at the airport to departure in the aircraft.

Using a new turnkey airport security solution, Raytheon is helping airport executives create a seamless relationship between airport operations and airport security without creating an additional burden on travelers or airport management.

The first practical application of Raytheon’s aviation security tools is now being implemented in the New York region’s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, or PIDS.
Raytheon is designing and implementing the PIDS system for the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey to protect the four largest airports in the New York City region:
John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, and Teterboro.

The system will fuse information from cameras, radars, and other sensors into a single common operating picture. This will allow users to identify and respond to potential threats faster and more efficiently. It is the most comprehensive project of its kind in the United States.