Success Story

Media Relations Success Story


Success Story


Strategic Media Relations Campaign

  • Developed PR Strategy

  • Led all aspects of execution

  • Won Raytheon-wide award for Best Strategic Communications Program

From long shot to contender: Raytheon’s FAA contract pursuit

The Federal Aviation Administration announced that it would be awarding a contract potentially worth $2 billion to upgrade the nation’s airspace. Instead of using radar data to keep aircraft at safe distances from one another, Global Positioning Satellites will proved air traffic controllers and pilots with much more accurate information that will help keep aircraft safely separated in the sky and on runways.

Raytheon was considered a long shot for the contract, ranked third in a field of three. To overcome the perceived deficit, Raytheon chose a nontraditional approach. With Raytheon’s innovations in technology, the company believed that its ADS-B solution could be deployed 30 percent cheaper than its competitors. However a non traditional approach could be viewed as a more risky approach in an industry where safety is paramount. With such daunting odds, Raytheon’s CEO challenged the team that the only chance of success would be in a comprehensive advocacy effort that lessened the perceived risk of a Raytheon solution.

Raytheon mounted an aggressive PR effort that earned a 72 percent share of highly visible coverage and 87 percent of positive coverage versus the other two competitors. The communications effort also produced a highly visible feature in the Wall Street Journal, the second leading U.S newspaper, with a circulation of more than 2 million readers. 

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