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Writing Samples


Writing Samples


Marketing Brochure Copy 

Raytheon’s Integrated Security System for Airports

Raytheon has developed a comprehensive security solution to ensure the safety and security of both airport employees and the traveling public. The Integrated Security System for Airports (ISSA) is an all-inclusive system that fuses information from an array of different sources — cameras, radars and sensors — and presents them to users in a way that helps them identify the greatest risks to the airport and decisively act on them.

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Email Marketing Copy


Subject: The moment street photographers fear most

He looked like he was tired and weary.

I watched from the other side of the street as the limo driver let out his passenger. The driver leaned on his vehicle, lit a cigarette, and exhaled a heavy sigh of smoke.

"That looks interesting. I need to get closer," I thought as I crossed the street and weaved through traffic.

I slowed as I got close enough to fire away with my 105 mm. Should I get his attention, or shoot from here? He doesn't look like he wants to be bothered.

"I'll just take a quick photo from here without interrupting."

But I was too late.

As I started to raise the camera, he looked up and locked eyes with me. It wasn't friendly.

This was the moment most street photographers fear. I'm busted...and he doesn't look happy.

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Organizational Communications

Last Sailor on Deck at DCMA Was First Sailor on Deck at Navy Aircraft Carrier

Carolynn Snyder knew the recruiter who showed up at the Spokane, Wash., pizza restaurant wasn't there to court a woman. As a manager of the family-owned restaurant, Snyder had seen the recruiter come by many times before - he often stopped with his recruits before sending them off to the Navy.

This time, the target was her younger brother. Snyder's curiosity was piqued. The fact that the recruiter had overlooked her in search of her brother was of no concern to her.  She launched her own sales pitch. "I said, 'any opportunities for me?'"

Little did she know that the true answer to that question would include a career in which she became one of the first women selected to serve on a Navy combatant.  DCMA's newest Special Staff action officer, LCDR Carolynn Snyder, was also the first woman to report to a combatant in the Pacific Fleet - the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).  There she served as the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) General Maintenance Division Officer.

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